Bitcoin: The Key to Optimal Decision Making and Relational Habits

• Tim Niemeyer is an elementary school teacher and co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup.
• He believes that the current fiat monetary system incentivizes bad decision making, and has shared his observations from being an educator.
• He suggests that Bitcoin can fix this and encourages people to explore its benefits for long-term, systemic change.

My Experience as a Teacher

I’m a teacher by day and a passionate Bitcoiner by night. Teaching elementary music allows me to share my passions while potentially helping others develop a deeper appreciation for them, just like being the co-host of Lincolnland Bitcoin. This experience has helped me gain better understanding of each and also given me insights into how our coercive fiat monetary system works.

The Negative Effects of Fiat Money

The negative effects of fiat money are many, but one observation I’ve made in almost two decades of teaching is the emergence of helicopter parenting – when parents fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches etc.. Though most parents are good people who do their best with what they have to provide, living in a system that steals their time and efforts via inflation forces them into high time preference actions – meaning they value immediate results over long-term solutions.

Bitcoin Can Fix This

Fortunately there is an alternative: sound money that isn’t controlled by those in power with their own agendas – like Bitcoin! With it comes greater transparency, trustworthiness, decentralization and privacy – all things that our current monetary system lacks. It’s worth exploring these benefits for long-term systemic change!

The Benefits Of Sound Money

Sound money brings several advantages including increased transparency, trustworthiness, decentralization and privacy; all qualities absent from our current monetary system which are controlled by those in power with their own agendas. With it comes potential for more efficient transactions at lower costs plus fewer restrictions on access to financial services (including banking). Furthermore, it allows individuals to take control of their wealth without fear of manipulation or theft – something sorely lacking in today’s society where governments control currency supply through inflationary policies.


It’s clear that we need an alternative solution to combat the shortcomings of our current coercive fiat monetary system – one which provides greater transparency, trustworthiness & decentralization plus fewer restrictions on access to financial services (including banking) . In conclusion I believe that this alternative exists – in the form of sound money like Bitcoin – where individuals can take back control over their wealth without fear manipulation or theft . It could be worth exploring this solution further for its potential long-term systemic change!

Bitcoin: The Key to Optimal Decision Making and Relational Habits
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