Breaking Barriers: How Bitcoin Changed My Life and Helped Me Write

• Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics, found the article submission link for Bitcoin Magazine by accident and was hooked on writing after his first article went live.
• After receiving a scathing review from the editor on his second submitted article, Mickey Koss continued to hone his craft and eventually wrote for various print editions of Bitcoin Magazine.
• Despite being scared about what people would think of him and his work, he was met with overwhelming support from the Bitcoin community which gave him the courage to keep going.

My Introduction To Writing For Bitcoin Magazine

I’m Mickey Koss, a West Point graduate with a degree in economics who transitioned to the Finance Corps four years after graduating. I accidentally stumbled across an article submission link while looking for customer service email address and decided to send my idea off. When it went live, I was hooked on writing. My second article submission received an unceremonious “no” along with some harsh criticism from the editor; however, this allowed me to adjust my strategy and change my frame of mind moving forward.

Finding Confidence In The Community

I chose not to share my articles through social media until after 10 had been published; I was afraid of what people would say or how they would react. However, once I finally posted them to LinkedIn I received an outpouring of support from both friends and members of the Bitcoin community alike; this gave me enough courage to continue writing without fear or trepidation.

Learning From Rejection

The critique that came along with my rejected second article taught be that it wasn’t about me but rather about improving my content as well as adjusting my strategy when creating future drafts. This lesson has served me well over time as understanding how editors think helps me better craft articles that are more likely to make it past their desk. What’s more is that even though one particular editor initially rejected me, he eventually hired me behind the scenes for his YouTube channel- talk about full circle!

A Life Of Invisible Limits

Before finding Bitcoin I had resigned myself to living within self-imposed limits; investing early and often while pursuing low-risk jobs seemed like all there was available for someone like me who lacked confidence in their own abilities/writing skills/etc.. However since joining this community I’ve managed not only to surpass those limits but also gain meaningful friendships along way; if nothing else these relationships have been worth every ounce of effort put in thus far!


It takes courage (and sometimes rejection) in order create something truly special out of nothing at all; however hard work pays off especially within such a supportive community like crypto/Bitcoin where everyone looks out for each other no matter their experience level or background info . If you have an idea go ahead and write down your proof-of-work resume today!

Breaking Barriers: How Bitcoin Changed My Life and Helped Me Write
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