Grow Your Own Food! Learn Urban Homesteading from Erin.

• Erin started urban farming in the backyard of her rented apartment in San Francisco Bay Area by chance.
• She is a PhD student in Earth and planetary science, running a podcast called «Hell Money» and teaching kids about urban farming on TikTok.
• We talked about how she got started with homesteading, the challenges and advantages of urban farming, paying it forward, the future for San Francisco, and the astrology of Bitcoin.

Erin’s Start to Homesteading

Erin started homesteading kind of by accident when she moved out to the Bay Area four and a half years ago. Her boyfriend and she were looking for an apartment with a backyard on Craigslist when they came across an ad posted by Novella Carpenter — who wrote a book called «Farm City» in 2009 — asking for someone willing to feed her chickens with cheap rent in return. After realizing that it was indeed real, they drove across the country in a U-Haul and settled down there for six months.

Unique Challenges & Advantages of Urban Farming

Urban farming comes with its own unique set of challenges as well as advantages; from managing pests to making sure there is enough sunlight for plants to grow. While some crops may not be able to grow due to lack of space or sunlight, Erin has been able to make use of vertical gardening techniques such as trellises or containers on walls or balconies so that more produce can be grown within limited space. Furthermore, urban farmers also have access to resources like compost which can help enrich soil while reducing waste.

Paying It Forward

Erin doesn’t keep all her knowledge just for herself but instead shares it through podcasts such as “Hell Money” (co-hosted with Casey Rodarmor) which talks about Bitcoin and other topics related to finance or technology. Additionally, she has also been using TikTok lately to share her adventures into urban farming so that children too can learn how one could produce abundance out of their backyard!

The Future For San Francisco

San Francisco has seen rapid changes over recent years due mainly due to gentrification pushing out smaller businesses from areas where tech companies are moving into. This makes spaces like Erin’s backyard increasingly precious; while they provide much needed greenspace in an otherwise concrete jungle they also serve as sites where communities can connect over shared interests such as gardening or sustainability practices.

The Astrology Of Bitcoin

Finally we talked about the fascinating intersection between astrology and cryptocurrency — specifically Bitcoin — something which is rarely discussed but highly interesting nonetheless! As Erin explained, many people view astrology as something intangible whereas cryptocurrencies are hard tangible assets that exist digitally yet remain accessible at any time no matter where one is located geographically speaking which makes them perfect candidates for astrological analysis!

Grow Your Own Food! Learn Urban Homesteading from Erin.
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